Minium Developer

It's a console aimed at developers, allowing the creation of automatic tasks in the browser to be used in end-to-end testing of your web applications.

Minium Prime

It's aimed at business solutions, it's a more powerful console that provides useful reports of the ongoing projects and has a strong component in continuous integration.

Minium helps you test your web application in the same way a human would.

Minium is both simple and powerful: tests can be written in Cucumber even by non-technical people, but you also get the flexibility to automate complex tasks using JavaScript code.

Minium Core

You may be thinking: big deal, there are several other tools for browser automation... That's true, but:

Can those tools access another window (for instance, popup windows) in an easy way?

usernameFld = $(":root").windows().find(":text").withLabel("Username");

Can those tools select elements based on their relative position to other elements?

input = $("input").below($("label").withText("Outbound *")); datePicker = $("img.ui-datepicker-trigger").rightOf(input);

Can those tools easily access iframes?

usernameFld = $(":root").frames().find(":text").withLabel("Username");

Can those tools wait for an element to disappear in such a convenient way?


Minium Developer

Minium Developer is a dedicated IDE for creating and running tests.

  • Write your tests in Cucumber

  • Implement your tests using jQuery and Minium expressions

  • See the test results for each step on the fly while the tests are running

  • Easily identify the lines where your tests are failing

  • Select any piece of code and evaluate it on the browser

  • Obtain expressions for an element with just a click using the Selector Gadget

  • Run your tests on multiple browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox

  • Optimize the process of test creation with templates, snippets and auto complete

Minium is a framework developed at VILT.

Rui Figueira

Minium has spawned from the work of Rui Figueira @VILT and that initial code base is now known as Minium Core. It combines jQuery and Selenium for browser testing and tasks automation.