Minium Developer

Create a new project

The following types of project are available:


Creates a simple project to automate tasks using Minium.


Creates a base project, with a feature and his step definitions ready to execute.

After the project creation you will see the project open in the sidebar.


The monitoring project is dedicated to execute with high frequency. It give us information about the availability of a certain page and performance metrics. To obtain the performance metrics, you can use the expressions browser.get(<url>) and browser.getPerformance().

Open Project

If you already have a project in your filesystem you can open it.

minium-developer1 minium-developer2 minium-developer3

Launch a webdriver

You can create new webdrivers where you will execute your tests or run your code.

Internet Explorer Configuration

In order to run tests on IE, you need to change some configurations:

Firefox issues

You may experience some issues with the Firefox WebDriver. If that happens, updating the WebDrivers might solve the problem.

WebDriver customization

You can customize the drivers through the application-OS.yml file (where OS is windows, linux or macos) located in the config folder.


The Chrome WebDriver can be configured through the chromeOptions property. The following configurations are available:


      - name: chrome
        displayName: Chrome
        iconClass: icon-chrome
          browserName: chrome
            - user-data-dir=/path/to/your/custom/profile
            - start-maximized
          binary: /path/to/other/chrome/binary
            - /path/to/extension.crx
            profile.default_content_settings.popups: 0


The Firefox WebDriver can be configured through the firefox_profile property. The following configurations are available:


      - name: firefox-with-profile
        displayName: Firefox Profile
        iconClass: icon-firefox
          browserName: firefox
          dir: C:\Users\minium\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.<profile-name>
            - ~\firefox-extensions\extension.xpi
          loadNoFocusLib: false
          acceptUntrustedCerts: true
          untrustedCertIssuer: false
            - name: accessibility.accesskeycausesactivation
              type: boolean
              value: true

Status Button

The floating button in the bottom right corner give you feedback when the test is being executed.


After an execution of a feature or a scenario you can see a button with a tooltip "Report".

It will open a modal with the report of your last test execution. There you can see the number of steps executed and if your test fails or some step was skipped, it give you more details about what happened.

Cancel test

You have the possibility of cancel a test execution.

Clear markers

Clean the markers in the present editor.

Console tab

Minium Developer provides you a console where you can put javascript expressions that you don't want to put in your test files:

Javascript console

It works like a helper for your javascript code, you can evaluate expressions and select elements.


Run tests (Ctrl + Enter)

Execute you the scenario from the cursor location. If you put the cursor in a scenario it and you can also use a shortcut (Ctrl + enter) to run a specific scenario.

Run All

Execute all the scenario of your feature.


When you run a scenario, Minium Developer will provide you a real time feedback of the step results. Each step executed will be marked on editor with a color depending on the result of the step. If the step is marked with red it means that the step doesn't pass with success.

Selector Gadget (Ctrl + Shift + C)

You can select an element or multiple elements in the webdriver. After the selection it will automatically generate a CSS expression to find the elements that you select.

You can use this to pick elements of a web page without looking to the source code.

Evaluate (Ctrl + Enter)

You can evaluate your expressions in javascript. For example, if you want to evaluate an element like $("#my-div"), var x = 10. Evaluated variables will be stored in a scope.

Variables scope

When we evaluate some javascript in Minium Developer, all variables declared we'll be maintained in the evaluation global scope. That means that, the next time you evaluate something, all previously declared variables are still available.

For instance, evaluate the following code:

var name = "World";

Now you can evaluate the following code:

"Hello " + name // it evaluate into "Hello world"

If you want to clear the global scope, so that all variables are removed from it, you can do it by clicking in Run > Clean scope:

Clean scope

After that, if you try to run the previous code, it will fail:

"Hello " + name // ReferenceError: "name" is not defined

Search file (Ctrl + P)

Search and open files

Update WebDrivers

To update the WebDrivers go to Preferences > Download webdrivers > Update webdrivers:


Update Minium Developer to the latest release

  1. Download the latest release from
  2. Update the version of minium-cucumber-parent in the pom.xml file of your Minium projects. For instance, if you downloaded release 1.3.0, then you would need to change the file to something like:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""


                <relativePath />


Run Minium Developer in the browser

To run Minium Developer in the browser, run the executable from the console and pass it the --browser option. After that, Minium Developer should open http://localhost:8089/#/editor in your default browser.

Run Minium scripts


minium-developer automate [options...] arguments...


Option Description
-b (--browser) BROWSER browser where scripts will be executed against (supported values: chrome, ie, firefox, safari, opera)
-f (--file) FILE script file to run
-h (--help) display this help and exit
-v (--version) show version


script instructions to run. if --file or --dir is passed, SCRIPT is always executed before, so you can set variables for script file execution


minium-developer automate --browser chrome --file main.js "user = { name : 'auser', password : 'apassword' }"
minium-developer automate --browser firefox --dir minium-task